Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Why BLOG? Why am I, going to blog?

Why does anyone blog? I imagine the reasons are as diverse as people are. I have resisted it for a long time for fear of it wasting my time either because no one would read it or be positively impacted by it...or perhaps worse, I would get caught up in it and neglect my more important responsibilities...that of taking care of my little house on the Prairie and those live in it (NOTE: I live on a road called prairie view drive in Indiana...not exactly a true prairie but kind of close :).

However, the truth is, I already spend hours blogging. It's just not called's called journalism. I write my questions and thoughts about life in my journal every day. Why not instead log by thoughts on the web so others, besides myself can be affected by me processing my life. That, after all, is the definition of blog..."a contraction of the words web log".

So, here we go. I am officially beginning the journey of logging my thoughts on the web for anyone who wishes to get a peek into my daily life!

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