Tuesday, October 15, 2013

One Hundred Miles a Mile at a Time

Last week before going out for a small run, I turned my Nike App on my Iphone as I always do, to keep track of my miles. I happened to notice that it said "100 miles". I stopped while that reality sank into my head and heart. "I'm not a runner" has always been my motto. That is until the beginning of the year when God began challenging me to let Him knock out the "I cant's" in my life. He told me that maybe I can't, but He could and to have faith in Him. 

So, in January 2013 I literally stepped out my door in faith, letting Him coach me day by day, minute by minute. The first time I ever ran an entire mile without stopping was in February. It was so hard but at the same time felt so good. A few months later, in June, he helped me accomplish a dream of mine to run a race with my husband. We finished together without walking at all! I thought I was going to faint, but I finished.
After the race my friends were asking me what my next goal were...a 10K...a half marathon? I didn't know. I only had one goal really...to obey God and follow His coaching. Running was still really hard for me. In the months that have followed, there have been many ups and downs, partially because God's direction has not always been clear and also because  my knees have been bothering me. I've not given it up completely though.  Some weeks I only get a mile or two in, others more, but never more than three at a time and mostly one or two.

Colorful shoes DO help!
I often feel embarrassed by what I do and my lack of progress...especially when my friends and family are training for a marathon! I often feel like I should do more. In that moment though when I saw that 100 milestone, it was if I felt, my God coach, say He was so proud of me because I had continued and hadn't given up even after I had reached my dream. He began to show me the reality that each little choice to choose discipline had added up to be a miracle! It wasn't glamorous but it was real and powerful and pleasing to Him. I never imagined I could run 100 miles, but somehow each choice to get my shoes on and dare to believe I could run, one mile at a time, I did! HE did through me! I may never run a marathon in one day, but I guess I ran a total of four of them already this year. I'm learning the hard lesson, that man applauds speed and distance, but God applauds  perseverance.

The amazing reality is that this is true in every area of my life. I always wish I could do more in serving God, loving my family and reaching out to others, but this reminds me that each little discipline I choose in that direction, will turn into a something big if I DO NOT GIVE UP!!!!  Now what would be cool is if I had a Nike life app so I could see my spiritual and relational mile stones, but I don't. I will just have to keep listening to my coach even if I never get the applause of man or see big results. As long as I make Him proud and finish the race He has set out for me, it's totally worth it.

"No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it." Hebrews 12:11


  1. Yay! Your first step toward writing a devotional!! :) I want to be the first to buy one if you ever do it. For now, this blog is great. First things first.

  2. Love this. God does reward perseverance and obedience. He knows your heart and that's what counts! We were all MADE differently with different love and different strengths! :) Finish the race with what your heart chases after AND get HIS applause. (my own moto I wanted to share! xx) Keep up all your hard work...you look amazing!